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Péniche radio show durée : 53:14

Emission du 15/05/2021

Lagwagon "May 16th"
Let's Talk About Feelings | 1998 | Fat Wreck Chords

Seagulls Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out the Void "I"
Seagulls Insane and Swans Deceased Mining Out the Void. I | 2011
album incroyable de blak moderne

Warish "Say To Please"
Next To Pay | 2021 | RidingEasy Records
Groupe de garage/grunge/punk américain.

Daisy Mortem "La nuit sexuelle (Mr.Kitty Remix)"
Fausse Nouvelle | 2021 | Daaganda

Dopethrone "Dry Hitter"
Hochelaga | 2015
sludge impitoyable canadien

Hallows "Shallow Waters"
All That Is True | 2021
Groupe de darkwave et postpunk américain.

La Jungle "Du Sang Du Singe"
Fall of the Apex | 2021 | Black Basset, Rockerill, A tant Rever du Roi

Black Asteroid "Dust"
Dust | 2021 | aufnahme + wiedergabe
Projet de dark electro.

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