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Émission du 10/06/2021

MF Doom - Agrimony
tartines des clous - nous voila bien du monde ici
Meara O reilly - 4
surface to air missive - my favourite shirt
bert jansch - yarrow
John renbourn - mist covered mountains of home
stuart gillespe - the handsome cabin boy
Charlie Higgins Wade Ward Willow Garden
Wade Ward - old joe clark
Jacken Elywyth - In Christ there is no east or west
John Fahey - Sunflower river blues
Paul Robeson - Summertime
Jeffrey Thomas & David Tayler - it fell on a summers day
koko - chilly chilly
Grazia - Rampi Rampl
Meara O reilly - 5
Squarepusher - SP Theme

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