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Bricabracarama durée : 1:00:00

Émission du 29/04/2021

mf doom - agrimony
powerdove - machination
gulcan opel - yaz dostum
rob noyes - golden week
john fahey - make my dying bed
robbie basho - call on the wind
alfred deller - oak and the ash
copper family - babes in the wood
julian bream - le rossignol
paul robeson - shortening bread
clifton hicks - shortening bread
wade ward - old joe clark
hobart smith - cuckoo
john jacobx niles  - the cuckoo
shirley collins - the cuckoo
wendy eisen berg - far be it
gastr del sol - photographed yawning
icy demons - mr squeezy
ivor culer - i had a little boat / yellow fly
sweet williams - dead singer

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