Classement des albums, EPs ou singles les plus diffusés durant le mois de septembre.

C ARTISTE Album Label / Distributeur
1 EKKSTACY Misery United Masters
2 TH DA FREAK Coyote Flippin Freaks Records
3 BILLY NOMATES Cacti Invada Records UK
4 STUPEFLIP Stup forever Dragon Accel 2
5 BIBI CLUB Le Soleil Et La Mer Secret City Records
6 STAR FEMININE BAND Star Feminine Band In Paris Born Bad Records
7 G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE Philadelphia Mississippi Philadelphonic Records
8 TERI GENDER BENDER Saturn Sex Clouds Hill
9 EESAH YASUKE Triptyque Banzai Lab
10 BEACH BUGS Beach Bugs Only Lovers Records
11 HIPPIE TRIM What Consumes Me Supervillain
12 WHITE LUNG Premonition Domino
14 VINYL WILLIAMS Cosmopolis Requiem Pour Un Twister
15 L'ENTOURLOOP La Clarté Dans La Confusion X-Ray
16 FILATURE Filature  
17 ABRAXAS Monte Carle Suicide Squeeze
18 GONTARD Akene (remixes) Ici d’Ailleurs
19 HARVEY RUSHMORE & THE OCTOPUS Freedomspacecake Taxi Gauche Records
20 DAME AREA Todo La Mentira Sobre Dame Area B.F.E
21 BBNO$ Bag Or Die Autoproduction
22 COOL SOUNDS Like That Chapter Music
23 HAICH BER NA When We Knew Less RAGS
24 PARTY DOZEN The Real Work Temporary Residence Limited
25 SUPERORGANISM World Wide Pop Domino
26 NOT SCIENTISTS Staring At The Sun Kicking
27 UTO Touch The Lock Infiné
28 MIËT Ausländer Ici d’Ailleurs
30 KAE TEMPEST The Line Is A Curve Fiction Records
31 YOUTHSTAR & MISCELLANEOUS Stranger Times Chinese Man Records
32 I SPEAK MACHINE War Autoproduction
33 GROUNDATION One Rock Baco Records
34 PALE BLUE EYES Souvenirs Full Time Hobby
36 SURPRISE CHEF Education & Recreation Big Crown
37 TURQUOISE Lumio Freaksville Music
38 JONATHAN PERSONNE Jonathan Personne Bonsound
39 SIDI WACHO Calle Sound System Sabor Discos
40 CHAMBRE CLAIRE Transit Crochet Disques
41 JAMES RIGHTON Jim, I'm Still Here Deewee
42 SUNSLEEPER While You Can Rude
43 LENT Au Galop Araki Records
44 EQUIPE DE FOOT Geranium Luik Music
45 MAUD GEFFRAY Ad Astra Pan European
46 NOBRO Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar Big Scary Monsters
47 BRUTUS Unison Life Sargent House
48 KILKIL Clermont​-​ferrand Maudit Tangue
49 MOUSE DTC Attrapez Nous Médiapop Records
50 SAY SHE SHE Prism Karma Chief Records
51 070 SHAKE You Can’t Kill Me G.O.O.D. Music
52 GOAT Oh Death Rocket Recordings
53 DJ PREMIER Hip Hop 50 Vol. 1 Mass Appeal Records
54 YAWNERS Duplo Big Scary Monsters, Counter Intuitive, Inpartmaint Inc., Montgrí
55 ÉPAIS Quand Aboieront Les Derniers Chiens  Scolopendre
56 NASTY S AND THE GHOST CHASERS Waiting for the Last Gasp of my Generation Koowood
57 TRISTAN ROMA Primo Scenario Baciami Disques
58 THICK Happy Now Epitaph
59 DOMBRANCE République Electronique E47 Records
60 COCAIN PISS Castle Vanilla  
61 BELVOIR Nouvel Anormal Another Record/Cheptel Records
62 VITALIC Dissidænce Episode 1 Clivage
63 WAX TAILOR Searchin Lab'Oratoire
64 SAUCISSE COCKTAIL Musique Savante Un Je Ne Sais Quoi
65 OLIVER SIM Hideous Bastard Young
66 SON LITTLE Like Neptune Anti-
67 DIANE Secret La Souterraine
68 MONSIEUR CRÂNE Apocalypso Coyote
69 TRANSMISSION Transmisions Figures Libres Records
70 OMAR PERRY Life Baco Records