Classement des albums, Ep et singles les plus diffusés en Décembre 2022.


C ARTISTE Album Label / Distributeur
1 SOFT KILL Canary Yellow Cercle Social Records
2 OHM Of Hymns and Mountains Autoproduction
3 THIS WILL DESTROY YOUR EARS Everybody Knows Mickey Tant Rêver Du Roi Records
4 DRY CLEANING Stumpwork 4AD
5 MOUSE DTC Attrapez Nous Mediapop
6 FOMIES Sudden Lag Irascible / Hummus
7 SPECIAL INTEREST Endure Rough Trade
8 M.I.A. Mata Island
9 SOCIAL DANCE Rumeurs Lisbon Lux Records
10 UZI FREYJA Lunacy EP Warriorecords
11 BILLY NOMATES Cacti Invada
12 EESAH YASUKE Triptyque  Banzaï Lab
13 STUFFED FOXES Songs/Motion Return Yotanka
14 LA FEMME Teatro Lucido Disque Pointu
15 MICHEL CLOUP Backflip Au-Dessus Du Chaos Ici, d'ailleurs
16 MOUNDRAG Hic Sunt Moundrages Dionysiac Records
17 THE GO! TEAM Get Up Sequences Part Two Memphis Industries
18 KID KAPICHI Here's What You Could Have Won Spinefarm Records
19 SORG & NAPOLEON MADDOX Louverture Sans Sucre Records
20 GOO Call In Sick Drawing Board Records
21 IZZY AND THE BLACK TREES Revolution Comes In Waves Antena Krzyku
22 QUICKSAND Distant Populations Epitaph
23 JIVE ME Welcome To The World Uni-son
24 OLIVER SIM Hideous Bastard Young
25 SURPRISE CHEF Education & Recreation Big Crown
26 ARCHITECTS The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit Epitaph / Indigo
27 LENT Au Galop Araki
28 DJ REÏNE Puisque Nous Ne Sommes Pas Leur Priorité, Organisons Nous Autoproduction
29 CAPSULA Phantasmaville Silver Recordings
30 GWENDOLINE Start Up Nationale Mega
31 OTTIS COEUR Labrador Howlin' Banana
32 JAHZZ Women Utopia
33 GUADAL TEJAZ Noche Triste Crême brulée Records / Beast Records
34 DEUS Must Have Been New PIAS Group
35 EDGAR DÉCEPTION Clown Clown Dead Howlin' Banana Records
36 AVIVA Broken Hearts Psycho Records
37 TRAMHAUS Rotterdam Subroutine Records
38 TERI GENDER BENDER Saturn Sex Clouds Hill Records
39 SHYGIRL Nymph Because Music
40 NAYA ROCKERS Naya Sound System Naya Records
41 BENNY SINGS The Only One Stones Throw Records
42 BEIGE BANQUET Sophomore Just Step Sideways
43 PALE BLUE EYES Souvenirs Full Time Hobby
44 TIKEN JAH FAKOLY Braquage De Pouvoir Chapter Two Records
45 PALES Ep.1 Autoproduction
46 FLEUVES NOIRS Respecte Toi Poutrage Records
48 NATHAN ROCHE A Break Away Born Bad
49 ILLUSTRE Egregore X-Ray
50 CANCRE Mon Accoutumance Upton Park
51 DEATH VALLEY GIRLS Islands In The Sky Suicide Squeeze Records
52 WHITE LUNG Pemonition Domino Recording Co Ltd
53 ALEXIS HK Bobo Playground  La Familia
54 DARWIN EXPERIENCE Which One Am I Autoproduction
55 MIËT Ausländer Ici D’ailleurs
56 LEE FIELDS Sentimental Fool Daptone
57 JE T'AIME Aggressive Manic Depression Records
58 ROGÊ Pra Vida Diamond West Records
59 DEWAERE What Is Pop Music Anyway? A tant rêver du Roi Records
60 GRAND SOLEIL Terre Nowadays Records
61 BRACCO Dromonia Born Bad Records
62 BIBI CLUB Le Soleil Et La Mer Secret City Records
63 SON LITTLE Like Neptune ANTI
64 CHATON Le Geste Le Contenu
65 STAR FEMININE BAND Star Feminine Band In Paris Born Bad Records
67 SAVANA FUNK Ghibli Garrincha GOGO
68 CITRON CITRON Chagrin Bleu Les Disques Bongo Joe
69 TWIN TOES Long Story Short Capitane Records
70 SYDNEY VALETTE Home Alone Young & Cold Records